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Posted by on May 31, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I never give up in life until I became a Woodside Escorts that help me to overcome challenges

Struggles in life are normal as we go through, it only means that we are alive. Many people have experienced difficulties and still survive. Many people had gone on a roller coaster life, but in the end, it stops, you have to see all the things that matter to continue living. But some people had born to be wealthy and lucky for them that life is comfortable. Many people had a dream to be successful but to reach to the top is hard. Much successful businessman suggests that hard work and determination are keys to success. They had also pinpoint that education is essential to get success. Intelligence brings you to progress as you stand out from anyone. But a people that have tried his best and not afraid of failures, learn from his/her mistakes and never give up has the high chance to be successful.


My name is Erika King; I live in a suburban district of residential streets based around Woodside Green, a small sized area of green land, Woodside. We are rich in natural resources and preserve the mother nature at it’s best. A place where you can find relaxation and calmness of life. But I wish that my life could be so calm and relax just like the place. My life is not perfect, we are not wealthy, and at the same time, our home located in a dump site. We had many challenges face, but still, our family is whole. We had to keep everything under control even how hard the situation. In my early age, I had learned to work to help my parents. I applied for different jobs and sacrificed my studies. I know the importance of education, but my family is prominent too. I can see my mothers agony every night because of body pain, she is a little bit old, but the work is enormous in her case. My father is a construction worker, and her job is not stable, so it’s not enough to feed us all every day. I had focus myself to be positive and still look for a better outcome. Until I got an offer from an agency of Woodside, they had told me if I am interested in becoming one of the Woodside Escorts. I had grabbed the opportunity and see my future here. I have undergone lots of training and done it well. My first client is impressed with me and gave me a big tip. I was so happy to arrive home with lots of foods for my family. I had seen how happy they are. I had continued to become a Woodside Escorts from and slowly change our lives. I never give up in life until I became a Woodside Escorts that help me to overcome challenges.


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