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Posted by on May 25, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s never a comfortable life but worth to live when I choose to become a London Escorts.  

We could never choose our paths in life if we can for sure we pick the most comfortable living. According to our ancestors, the luckiest people are the ones who have been through many struggles and difficulties because they have experienced the true meaning of life. We will be given many challenges to face, but it’s up to us on how we can make and change our lives. Life is not always a joy, and we meet sadness to strengthen us as a person. Many people that have experienced difficulties end their life because of too much depression and anxiety. Perhaps, we can never blame them but the people around them who have the chance to comfort and love them before it happened. Problems are not easy, but if we have someone on our side to hear our dramas in life, perhaps it can heal our scars and loneliness for a moment.


I never dream to become successful, but I wish to have a good life, no problem, and no stress. My life is not comfortable, and I have been through a lot before you judge me. Living a life with a broken family is like looking for the missing pieces every day. All of my life, I believe that our family is one of the strongest, I can feel how much my parents put efforts to make us whole and feed us. And because of their hard work and determination, they have able to build a business. Before everything, my life is easy, and I can buy anything I want. My parents spoiled us so much. I can see how they love each other and never expected it to happen. Little did we know, she cheated our mother for a long time ago and had pregnant her woman. And he begged my mother to free him and file a divorce. My mother is still in shock for what had happened, but she can give the freedom my dad asked. And that was the start of our downfall. Because of too much forlorn my mother forgot our business and filed bankruptcy. Following years of our life became a nightmare and poverty-stricken. I also have stop school and work for us but still not enough since my mom needs to see a psychologist.


Years passed, and because of my eagerness, I became a London Escorts from and went through many pieces of training. I became a London escort officially and impressed my clients. Little by little I had to change our way of living. I had also uplift our status and my mother heal from sick. It’s never a comfortable life but worth to live when I choose to become a London Escorts.


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