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Posted by on May 17, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Life is not easy until I became a London escort and made my life comfortable.  

Many of us came from a life that is not comfortable, and it’s up to us on how can we uplift life. People who are born wealthy are lucky, and all they have to do is to manage their business. Success comes to those who work hard and has the determination to succeed. It only happens to people who are sincere to achieve success. Success is not just a dream, is to be earned and put efforts. It will not come to you if you only keep it in mind and imagining. Imagination is the key to success, learn to work for it. One of the most famous line to success is Education where it is also the key to success. But no matter what key is it, the only one that can open is in your hands.


My life isn’t like the comfortable one. My name is Karen, and I live in India. I know you have heard a lot of stories here and where in fact is true. Our place is not productive, and most of us here are struggling and poverty-stricken. People here are more on business but does not mean they are wealthy, for some it’s still not enough. Life for me is not comfortable since we are many in the family and lots to feed. We don’t have enough money to feed us every day. My parents also are randomly sick; sometimes they cannot go to work, and all of us are starving. I couldn’t much express how awful my life is. Since our parents cannot afford to buy our foods and some financial needs, we don’t get able to go to school, but instead, we work. I have three jobs a day and, my sleep is only two or three hours a day. One day at work one tourists came to me and told about London escort from, one of the highest paying jobs to women. She said to me about what is it, and all of I need to learn. I had decided to come with her since she promises to shoulder all my expenses for a moment. When we arrived in London, I was amazed by the place; it has lots of building and beautiful people. I can smell the food from different restaurants. The location is calm and clean. I had go to the agency to present myself, and most of them have accepted me. Well, I had undergone training and everything before I officially became a London escort. The first client was very kind and gave me big money, it’s like my one month wage in India. I love my work and eventually, flew my family here. Life is not easy until I became a London escort and made my life comfortable.

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