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Posted by on Sep 12, 2018 in Relationships, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Why are Sugar Babes so popular …

In recent years we seem to be adopting more and more crazy American dating practises here in the UK.  I have been working for Marble Arch escorts of for about three years now, and during that time, it has become popular to date Sugar babes. This is really an American idea which has now been adopted allover the world. You can even hook up with and make arrangements with Sugar Babes in Australia.


Are Sugar babes a threat to Marble Arch escorts? The escort agency in Marble Arch is one of London’s leading escort agency so I doubt that very much. However, I do know that a couple of girls have left the agency to work as Sugar Babes in London. As we have not heard from them again, I can assume that they are doing okay. Would I leave? I don’t think that I would do that. I really enjoy dating at the agency and I have some fantastic gents that I escort on a regular basis. It has take me time to build up my dating so I don’t think that I would leave.


So, why are Sugar babes so popular in London? It was clearly some American who brought the idea with him, and I guess that he made the idea popular in his circle of friends if you know what I mean. After that I think that there are certain men in London who do not want to date girls like us at Marble Arch escorts. It could be that they are looking for a totally different relationship then the kind of relationship you have with escorts.


At first I thought that it was mainly a lot of young guys who had jumped on the Sugar Babe band wagon. Looking at some of the sites, I do notice that it is a lot of senior men who seem to like to date Sugar Babes. It surprised me as so many of the gents that we date at Marble Arch escorts are senior. I would have thought that they would perhaps prefer the relationship with a pro escort like I like to call myself.


Maybe there is something different about Sugar Babes when you compare them to Marble Arch escorts. I must admit that I think that many of them look very young and in my opinion, they would not have the experience to look after and indulge the pleasures of the senior gents that they date. But it could be that I am getting this wrong. These gents may not be looking for the experience of a girl. Instead they are looking for a girl who is kind of more of a sociable companion. That is what I think that dating Sugar Babes are all about and this is probably why they are not a threat to escorts in London. I would like to think that the same gents would know that they could always come to us if they would like to indulge all of their pleasures.

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